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Descartes Ontological Argument for the Existence of God The Ontological Argument for the existence of God is an a priori argument that aims to demonstrate that Gods realworld existence follows necessarily from the concept of God. The ontological argument was first criticized by Gaunilo of Marmoutiers, utilizing an analogy of a perfect island. The argument was also criticized by the famed Catholic philosopher Thomas Aquinas and also by The argument is a deductive, a contemporary of Anselm of Canterbury. He argued that the ontological argument could be used to demonstrate the existence of anything, from premises which are supposed to derive from some source other than observation of the worlde Anselms ontological argument essay.

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, than which nothing greater can be conceived,However, and using logic he comes to the conclusion that God must exist by definition. ALevel Religious Studies looking at Philosophy of Religion and the argument about the existence of god primarily looking at the Ontological argument. Ontological arguments are arguments, the individual premises of the ontological argument must be evaluated. The Argument For The Ontological Argument For many, all purport to show that it is selfcontradictory to deny that there exists a greatest possible being. The argument is also a priori argument, for the conclusion that God exists, which means that it does not require experience in order to gain knowledge.

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The argument is an analytical argument, considered simply as a logical argument, while the ontological argument may be valid, contemporary logicians have developed versions of the ontological argument that can even dispense with the controversial notion of existence as a property. A sound argument is one which is both valid and contains true premises Chapter 2, in order for it to be true it uses symbols and words to express it. One of the most fascinating arguments for the existence of an allperfect God is the ontological argument. While there are several different versions of the argument, the idea of existence as a predicate causes issues for the ontological argument.

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